Our Programs

#StaySafe COVID-19 Care Package Giveaway

We give the #AdvanceFolk PPE to help keep them safe. The care package includes gloves, reusable/washable cotton masks, touchless infrared thermometer, sanitizer wipes, and bottles of hand sanitizer.

#AdvanceFolk Case Management Support Outreach Program

Our anchor program is our #AdvanceFolk Case Management Support Outreach Program, under which all of our other programs reside. We provide case management needs assessments for our clients and when needed, we refer our #AdvanceFolk clients for needed services to organizations such as Catholic Charities, CEDA, and more for the additional services they need.

Senior Holiday Care Package Giveaway

This is our Annual Christmas giveaway. We include a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, lotion, Vaseline, large-print word search books, shampoo, more of the basic items, and some other special items the #AdvanceFolk have come to love receiving from us.



We will provide free round-trip transportation to the #AdvanceFolk for trips to the store and for doctor/hospital visits.

ThanksGiving Dinner Giveaway

Annually we prepare ThanksGiving Dinner for 200 #AdvanceFolk that we serve in Calumet City and Dolton, Illinois.

#AdvanceFolk Care Packages

In addition to our quarterly giveaways, we also do outreach giveaways of our #AdvanceFolk Care Packages (#AFCPacks) by partnering with Food Banks, senior centers, veterans facilities, and other organizations that serve the elderly to distribute them to those in need.

#AdvanceFolk Food Security Program/Food Prep Program

We have started our #AdvanceFolk Food Security Program to provide food to the elderly who are experiencing food insecurity. We were approved for the Panera Bread Dough-Nation program, which provides us with baked goods to distribute. Fruits and vegetables coming soon!

We will soon be adding our Food Prep Program to show the #AdvanceFolk how to prepare healthy food recipes from nutritionists, dieticians, and local chefs. Stay tuned for more details!

#AdvanceFolk Adult Disposable Incontinence Products

We supply, free of charge, adult disposable underwear for those #AdvanceFolk who need them and cannot afford to purchase them.

#AdvanceFolk Scam & Fraud Protection Education

We educate the #AdvanceFolk on how to spot and avoid scams and fraud. We help protect those that we serve by teaching them how to identify and detect potential scams that target the elderly.